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What sets Cierva Aero apart? Why AutoGyro?


In partnership with AutoGyro's unmatched design and powerful Garmin GPS systems, Cierva Aero is able to offer more options with more advanced avionics than any other gyroplane.


Fly farther with AutoGyro; five hours of range in a Cavalon or Calidus means you can travel over four hundred miles on one tank. 


Fly faster, fly higher with AutoGyro; take off in under 100ft, cruise at 100mph, with a maximum speed of 120mph. 


We have more time working and playing in gyroplanes on the air and on the ground. Cierva Aero is the heir to the rich tradition of gyro flight.


Monocoque construction. Electronically actuated, 300 rotor rpm prerotation system. Extruded aluminum rotor blades. Lightweight, removable doors. The AutoGyro focus on efficiency, precision, and performance in every detail sets these precision engineered aircraft apart.


The only production gyroplanes with FAA certification in the United States.

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