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Cierva Aero AutoGyro Cavalon Fleet

When Marc Campbell and Michael Burton began their collaboration to break gyroplane records in service of breast cancer awareness, they quickly realized that their love of flight and gyroplanes needed to be shared with more people. Cierva Aero was created as an outpouring of that passion, and we see it reflected in our students and partners.

Whether for flight training, build assistance, finding a new aircraft, or simply customizing your aircraft to make it perfect for your style of flight, we work constantly here and with our partners at AutoGyro and TL to ensure that our quality of service matches that enthusiasm.

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561 Skyranch Drive, Suite B

Petaluma, CA, 94954

(559) 494-4999

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The Cierva Aero Team

Michael Burton, CFO

Michael Burton graduated magna cum laude with a professional pilot degree in aviation science and has been working in aviation since 1999. In August of 2001, he began working as a chief flight instructor, and has trained hundreds of students over thousands of hours of instruction. He has served on the board of directors for the Utah Rotorcraft Association, and as President of his local EAA chapter. He holds a masters degree in education from Grand Canyon University, and is a leading figure in the gyroplane community.

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Marc Campbell,

Marc Campell’s aviation career began flying for the Civil Air Patrol at age fourteen, following in the footsteps of his father, a naval aviator. He graduated with a degree in composites engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and went on to own two composite manufacturing companies. In 2016, Marc set the gyroplane transcontinental speed records for East to West, West to East, and round trip flights, all of which he still holds.

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