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  • Side-by-side seating

  • Full monocoque construction

  • RedDot Award winner for design

  • Tandem seating

  • Superior visibility

  • Record holder for transcontinental flight

  • Tandem seating

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Record holder for gyroplane altitude


Like you've never felt before

Call us at (813) 482-2626 to schedule an introductory flight lesson and experience the most dynamic way to fly. 

Ideally situated for gyrocopter training in California, flying out of the Petaluma Municipal Airport in our AutoGyro Cavalon or MTO Sport, $150 for an unforgettable lesson.

Hundreds of students. Thousands of hours of instruction. Learn to fly for the first time or just spread new wings with us in a beautiful Auto-Gyro gyroplane or fixed-wing TL aircraft

We've been asked for a long time when certified aircraft would be available in the United States, and they're here in 2019! Our first Rotax 915 equipped Cavalon just arrived, and it's everything we'd hoped. Available with a variety of options including Garmin instrument packages, ADSB-compliant transponders, adjustable props, and more choices for avionics and performance. Contact us for more information on availability, or come by for a test flight to enjoy the most dynamic experience flight can offer.

We've been using this time to make some new videos; follow us on our youtube channel to see what we're up to!


Contact Us

561 Skyranch Drive, Petaluma, CA, 94954, United States info@Cierva.Aero  |  Tel: 813-482-2626

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