Used Cavalon - 250 Hours
  • Used Cavalon - 250 Hours

    This pre-assembled Cavalon has approximately 250 hours of flight time, with many after-market upgrades for power, performance, and comfort, including

    • Big Bore kit for increased power (approx. 133hp)
    • GyroTech teeter tower and 8.6 meter carbon rotor blades
    • Garmin G5 and 696 color GPS system
    • Upgraded high-efficiency radiator and oil cooler
    • Externally mounted intercooler
    • AirMaster 4 blade constant speed prop
    • Rotax external 30amp alternator
    • AVMap Engine Monitor

    as well as the luxury features that come standard with the AutoGyro Cavalon. For more information or technical details, check out our Cavalon Kits



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